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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of Chinese buyers in Australia?

In general, these are the top 3 type of buyers:

  1. Education
    • Australia has a very reputable education system. Chinese family who send their kids to Australia for education tend buy a house or apartment that is near the school for the kids to live in.
  2. Family Migration
    • Australia has a long history of migration. Family tend to migrate and look for places where their friends & relatives are living.
  3. Investment Purposes

What type of properties are Chinese buyers looking for?


There isn’t a straightforward answer to this, but typically, here are the popular ones:

  1. Property in good school zones & universites
  2. Property near Chinese suburbs like Box Hill, Hurstville, Chatswood, Sunnybank etc. Your property does not have to be in these area, but close proximity helps.
  3. New suburbs with House & Land packages available.

My area is not popular amongst Chinese buyers, will it be a waste of time to advertise?

Most of the times, the reason why some areas are not “popular” it’s because, Chinese buyers have not heard about the area. In order to attract them, you will need to put it on their map first! Remember Chinese have very strong community spirit, once a few Chinese family moves into the area, you will see them pouring in!

So yes, we will definitely advice you to advertise your properties, it helps us to promote your suburb to them too!

Can my property be seen from China?

Yes, it can be seen from China.

Help! I do not speak Chinese!

Most agents feedback to us that it is not a major blocking issue with the language as most Chinese buyers will have a relative or friend who can speaks English to accompany them to open for inspections.

For initial communication, we suggests agents to download WeChat, a Chinese social media communicating tool. The tool allows your to translate the conversation, leave msgs, send files etc to your buyers.

WeChat is the main communication tool amongst Chinese. We highly recommend you to start using it!

How do I upload my listings?

We accept REAXML feed from your CRM Listing Mangement Company. Alternatively, you are able to manually upload your listings via Agent Login.

How long does it take for my listings to get published?

If your listings are fed through XML to our site, it will generally take 2 to 3 working days for the listing to be translated and published.